1. Every student must have a copy of the handbook which has a record concerning the student. The student should take care of his/her Hand book and bring it to school daily.

2. The following practices are strictly forbidden and any students found committing shall be disciplined as a means of helping him/her to appreciate good conduct and importance of rules. The student may be dismissed from the school, depending on the seriousness of the infringement.

a) Use or possession of any tobacco products such as Cigarette, khaini, zarda, talab etc. and of intoxicating drinks or drugs in any form.

b) Excess absence from school, willful disrespect to the teachers, propagating immoral/infidel ideas of undermining the moral character of the school or taking part in any form of collective indiscipline etc.

c) Gambling, betting, strikes and demonstrations, interference in the administration or any form of collective indiscipline.

d) Willful damage of school properties such as blackboards, benches, desks or any facilities.

e) Cheating, use of unfair means or dishonesty in any form.

f) Instigating or involving in fights, causing injury to others.

g) Leaving the school premises without proper permission from the Principal.

h) Use of profane language, undesirable/obscene behavior with the opposite sex.

i) Theft in any form.

j) Use or Possessions of Mobile Phones or any other gadgets in the school campus.

3. Students are subject to school discipline not only in the school but also while coming from and returning to their home and at any other public places.

4. English being the medium of instruction, students are expected to talk only English in school and school premises.

5. Eating fruits or sweets or any other food in the class is strictly forbidden, as such frisking of the school bags or even the body of the students be carried out as and when necessary.

6. No magazines, comics, pictures or books other than School text books may be brought to the class. Parcels and letters are subject to inspection.

7.Every student is responsible for the safe custody of his/her books and belongings.

8.While utmost precaution is being taken, the school cannot be held responsible for any accidents- minor or serious, to students during their stay in the school or while taking part in sports and co-curricular activities within or outside the school premises.

9. Every student should take part in Co-curricular activities of the school such as games & sports, social activities, literary competitions, physical exercises etc. and no one will be excused without valid reason.

10.Parents/guardians and outsiders are not allowed to see the students or interview teachers during school hours without prior permission from the Principal.

11. Students must greet teachers/any dignitaries when they enter or leave the classrooms or when they meet them outside the class.

12.Student suffering from infectious or contagious diseases will not be permitted to attend the classes.

13. Progress report of the examination will be sent to the parents/Guardian of the students to make them known of the progress of their wards.

14. No student will be sent from school to take part in the activities of any political or other organization.

15. Students joining or leaving the school during the academic session will have to pay all the fees for the full term i.e. for six months either January to June or July to December.

16. Students are to come to school in clean and tidy school uniform (in full). Boys must have short hair and should not be coloured. Girls should not wear jewellery and fancy make-up.

17. Parents/Guardians of students are welcome to school to meet the Principal to find out the progress of their wards.

18. The decision of the Headmaster or the Board of the school on any matter is final.

19. Parents who are willing to meet their ward/child must take permission from the Principal.

20. A student has to get at least 85% attendance to sit for the promotion/final examination.

21. Students absent from class for more than two days must bring a written justification from parents or guardian both in the regularity record of the hand book and also in a separate letter. Any false statement will be severely dealt with. Long period of absence on medical ground should be supported by a medical certificate.

22. To be allowed to sit in the class, the one who has been absent or late must show the teacher-in-charge his/her regularity record already countersigned by the Principal.

23. No leave shall be granted to students for participating in non-academic activities such as meetings, sports or functions during school hours.

24. No leave shall be granted for absences during tests or exams.

25. Absence without leave will be fined with Rs. 10/- per day; which shall be paid within the week.

26. The fees of the school covers 12 Calendar months and Holidays or period of absence cannot be deducted. Students must pay full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls.






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